Business Recovery
"Bad things happen to good people."

We have all heard this phrase many times before but the fact remains that sometimes a business will have a downturn during its business life. Market conditions and the economy change and businesses can get caught in the middle.

Business Recovery or Turnaround professionals can step in and look at the situation with fresh eyes and be objective in making the changes needed to put a business back on its feet. With no political agenda or obligations, unpopular decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.

Signs of a troubled business

Lender relationship problems

Too much business with just one customer

Not enough staff

Ineffective management

No business plan

Family business in-fighting

Uncontrolled growth

Too diversified

No operating controls

Market timing problems

Ineffective accounting system or controls

Poor creditor relationships

Poor attitudes everywhere in the company

Our Philosophy

Businesses are similar to trains. It take a lot of energy to start and stop and very little to keep going. Your business is worth saving.

We have both pre-petition (before bankruptcy) and post-petition (after bankruptcy) experience and can help your business through its recovery.

We bring in other turnaround professionals as needed to insure that your recovery is swift and effective. We also assist other turnaround professionals in their recovery work in a supporting role.

If your business is struggling, whether from cash flow or market strategy problems, it is worth your while to check out a turnaround professional.